Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Patna

Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama
Ramakrishna Avenue
Patna , Bihar  800004
Phone : 0612-272 1513,
0612-2721512 (central office) ,
0612-2721514 (dispensary)
Telefax : 0612-272 1368
Email : patna@rkmm.org, ashramapatna@gmail.com

The ashrama was started in 1922 and made a branch of the Mission in 1926.

Activities of the Mission centre :


  1. A charitable dispensary with allopathic, homoeopathic and eye
    sections, TB and diabetes clinics and a pathological laboratory.
    It treated 15,024 cases and operated on 1765 patients for
    cataract in its eye-clinic, Sarada Netralaya, during the year.
    Besides, medical camps, (general and eye) were conducted in
    different parts of the state.

  1. A library and a free reading room, with 37,617 books and 66
    newspapers and periodicals.

  1. A free-of-charge students’ home for 13 boys.

  1. A non-formal education centre for children of slum areas with
    100 students.
  1. Value-oriented workshops in various schools and colleges with
    audio-visual units.
  1. Welfare work by way of distributing food, milk, clothing,
    blankets, etc to the poor.
  1. Competitions in recitation, drawing, essay-writing and elocution
    for school and college students.
  1. Religious activities : Regular scriptural classes and lectures,
    celebration of Durga Puja, Kali Puja and the birthdays of Sri
    Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda
    and other spiritual luminaries.

Additional Photos of the Activities of the Centre:



Welfare Work

 W S    A R C H I V E