To Mrs. Ole Bull

Indiana Ave, Chicago, Ill.
6th April, 1896.
Dear Mrs. Bull,

Your kind note was duly received. I had beautiful visits with my friends and have already held several classes. I shall have a few more and then start on Thursday.
Everything has been well arranged here, thanks to the kindness of Miss Adams. She is so, so good and kind.
I am suffering from slight fever the last two days; so I can’t write a long letter.
My love to all in Boston.
Yours with kind regards,

To Sister Christine

1628 Indiana Ave.
Chicago, Ill.
[April 6, 1896]
Dear Christina,
[Line excised.] reply as soon as possible.
I am going forward to New York on Thursday [April 9] and [will] start for England on the 15th of April.
Goodbye and love to you all–to Mrs. Funkey [Funke], to Mrs. Phelps and all the rest of our friends.
In this life we meet and part again and again; but the mind is omnipresent and can be, hear, and feel anywhere.
Yours with love and blessings,
P.S. Give Kripananda and Miss [Martha] Hamilton my love and blessings when you meet them next.

[Written in the margin:] I will go to New York next Friday [April 10].