To Sister Christine

C/o Dr. E. Guernsey,
180 West 59th Street,
New York,
12th November 1899.
Mrs. Bull has gone to Boston without seeing me. I am with the Guernseys. All today laid up with colds.
Oh, these nasty colds. The doctor here declares my case as entire ly one of nervous exhaustion. Even the dyspepsia is entirely nervous.
I will be a few days yet here, and then I don’t know where I go. I have a great mind to try health food. As for you, write unreservedly where you [would] like me to be. If you think it bes t for me to come to Detroit, write or wire on receipt of this. I will come immediately. Only difficulty is now the dyspepsia.
With love to Mrs. Funkey [Funke],
Ever yours with blessings,
P.S. If Cambridge is best, say that immediately.

To Mrs. Ole Bull

180 W. 59,
C/o E. Guernsey, M.D.,
12 November 1899
Dear Mrs. Bull–
I am laid up with a bad cold. The clothes are not ready–
they will be next week. I don’t know what my next step will be. D r. Guernsey is very kind. Several Doctors have examined me and no ne could detect any organic disease.
Even the kidney complications for the present have disappeared.
Well, the whole thing is then dyspepsia. I want ever so much to t ry Battle Creek food. There is a restaurant which cooks only Batt le Creek food. Do you think it should be best for me to try it ju st now? If so, I go to Detroit. In that case, send me my terracotta, thick cashmere coat.
Ever yours in the Lord,

Had three treatments already from Helmer. Going to take some next week. None can do anything for this “wind”. That is why dieting should be tried at any cost.