To Alasinga Perumal

c/o Miss Philips,
19 West 38th Street,
New York
28th May, 1895.
Dear Alasinga,
Herewith I send a hundred dollars or £ 20-8-7 in English money. Hope this will go just a little in starting your paper. Hoping to do more by and by.
I remain, ever yours, with blessings,
PS. Reply immediately to it C/o the above address. New York will be my headquarters henceforth.
I have succeeded in doing something in this country at last.


To Mrs. Ole Bull

New York
The 28th May ’95
Dear Mother,
Your last kind letter to hand. This week will be the last of my classes. I am going next Tuesday with Mr. Leggett to Maine. He has a fine lake and a forest there. I will be two or three weeks there. 91 Thence I go to the Thousand Islands. Also I have an invitation to speak at a parliament of religions at Toronto, Canada, on July 18th. I will go there from Thousand Islands and return back.
So far everything is going on well with me.
Ever your grateful son,
P.S. My regards and love to your daughter and pray for her speedy recovery.

54 W. 33 NEW YORK,
May, 1895.
DEAR __,
Since writing to you my pupils have come round me with help, and the classes will go on nicely now no doubt.
I was so glad at it because teaching has become a part of my life, as necessary to my life as eating or breathing.



PS. I saw a lot of things about __ in an English paper, the Borderland. __ is doing good work in India, making the Hindus, very much to appreciate their own religion. . . . I do not find any scholarship in __’s writing, . . . nor do I find any spirituality whatever. However Godspeed to anyone who wants to do good to the world.

How easily this world can be duped by humbugs and what a mass of fraud has gathered over the devoted head of poor humanity since the dawn of civilisation.