I am afraid you are offended and did not answer any of my letters. Now I beg a hundred thousand pardons. By very good luck, I have found the orange cloth and am going to have a coat made as soon as I can. I am glad to hear you met Mrs. Bull. She is such a noble lady and kind friend. Now, sister, there are two very thin Sanskrit pamphlets in the house. Kindly send them over if it does not bother you. The books from India have arrived safe, and I had not to pay any duty on them. I am surprised that the rugs do not arrive yet. I have not been to see Mother Temple any more. I could not find time. Every little bit of time I get I spend in the library.

With everlasting love and gratitude to you all,

Ever your loving brother,


PS. Mr. Howe has been a very constant student except the last few days. Kindly give my love to Miss Howe.


Note: Swamiji wrote to Mary Hale in a letter from New York that one guesses should bear the date March 12, 1895, or thereabouts. As presently published in the Complete Works (8: 375 Letter # LXXII), this letter is undated but is placed between those dated March 17 and April 14, 1896. It seems clear from its contents, however, that Swamiji wrote it in March of the previous year. Compare, for instance, his letter to Isabelle McKindley dated March 12, 1895– From Swami Vivekananda in The West New Discoveries Volume 3 by Marie Louise Burke)