Vedanta Society,
102 East 58th Street,
New York,
13th June 1900.
Dear Christina,
There is no cause for any anxiety. As I wrote, I am healthier than ever; moreover, all the past fear of kidney troubles has passed away. “Worry” is the only disease I have, and I am conquering it fast.
I will be here a week or two, and then I come to Detroit. If things so happen that I cannot come, I will sure send for you. Anyway, I am not going to leave this country before seeing you. Sure, sure–I must see you first, and then go to Europe.
Things are looking cheerful once more, and good luck, like ill, also comes in bunches. So I am sure it will be smooth sailing every way now, for some time at least.
With love to Mrs. Funkey [Funke],
Ever yours in the Truth,