The Vedanta Society,
102 E. 58th Street, New York, N.Y.
[End of June 1900]
Dear Mrs. Hansbrough–
I have not written you a line since you left San Francisco. I am well and things are going on well with me. I am in New York once more, where they have got now a home for the Society and their headquarters. I and the other Swamis also live there.
A San Francisco lady [Miss Minnie C. Boock] now here owns a plot of land near Mt. Hamilton, 12 miles east of Lick observatory–160 acres in area. She is going to make us a present of it. It would be nice for a summer gathering for us in California. If friends like to go there now, I will send them the written authority. Will you write to Mrs. Aspinall and Miss Bell etc., about it? I am rather desirous it should be occupied this summer as soon as possible. There is only a log cabin on the land; for the rest they must have tents.
I am sorry I can not spare a Swami yet.
With all love to you and Mrs. [Carrie Mead] Wyckoff and the baby of the family.

Ever yours in the Truth,

P.S. Tell Helen [the youngest Mead sister]–I thank her for her kind invitation, but [am] so sorry [I] can not accept it now. After all, you three sisters have become a part of my mind forever. What about the club?