30th March, 1900.
Many thanks for the prompt sending of the books. They will sell quick, I believe. You have become worse than me in changing your plans, I see. I wonder why I have not got any Awakened India yet. My mail is getting so knocked about, I am afraid.
I am working hard — making some money — and am getting better in health. Work morning and evening, go to bed at 12 p.m. after a heavy supper! — and trudge all over the town! And get better too!
So Mrs. Milton is there, give her my love, will you? Has not Turiyananda’s leg got all right?
I have sent Margot’s letter to Mrs. Bull as she wanted. I am so happy to learn of Mrs. Leggett’s gift to her. Things have got to come round; anyway, they are bound to, because nothing is eternal.
I will be a week or two more here if I find it paying, then go to a place near by called Stockton and then — I don’t know. Things are going anyhow.
I am very peaceful and quiet, and things are going anyway-just they go. With all love,

PS. Miss Waldo is just the person to undertake editing Karma-Yoga with additions etc.