To Swami Abhedananda

770 Oak Street
San Francisco, Cal.
C/o Dr. Logan, M.D.
[May 19, 1900?]
My dear Abhedananda
I am very, very glad to hear about the new home of the Vedanta Society. As things stand, I will have to come to New York direct from here–without stoppage–but it will be two or three weeks yet, I am afraid. Things are coming up so fast that I can not but change my plans and stop a few more days.
I am trying my best to get one of you for a flying visit to this Coast–it is a great country for Vedanta.
Get all my books and clothes etc., inyour home. I am coming soon. My love to Mrs. Crane. Is she still living on beef-steak and hot water? Miss [Sarah Ellen] Waldo and Mrs. Coulston 154 write about the publication of a new edition of Karma-Yoga. I have written to Miss Waldo all about it. The money in hand from the sale of books ought to be spent, of course.
Do you see my books and clothes all safe there? They were with Mrs. Bull in Boston.
With all love,

To Sister Christine

C/o Dr. Logan,
770 Oak Street,
San Francisco, California,
19th May 1900.
Dear Christina,
How are you? When is your vacation to commence? I am still in California. Hope to start for the East in two or three weeks more.
Write me all about yourself and how things are going on. How is Mrs. Funkey [Funke]? And the other friends?
Yours as ever,