To Swami Abhedananda

102 E. 58th Street
New York, N.Y.
24 July 1900
Dear Abhedananda,
I would have gladly remained here, but sastay kisti mat. Got a fine berth–one room all to myself–on a fine vessel. As soon as August comes it will be a terrible Bhida [crowd] as the companies are reducing prices.
Things are going quite all right. Mr. Johnson has returned to their house, and all the rooms are full except two. You write to Mrs. Crane whether you want to get them or not.
You need not feel the least anxiety about the N.Y. work; it will go as a marriage bull next season. Give my love to Mrs. [Mary B.] Coulston and explain to her the circumstances.
With all love,

To Miss Josephine MacLeod

102 E. 58TH STREET,
24th July, 1900.
The sun = Knowledge. The stormy water = Work. The lotus = Love. The serpent = Yoga. The swan = the Self. The Motto = May the Swan (the Supreme Self) send us that. It is the mind-lake. (This explains the design on the Ramakrishna Math and Mission seal, printed on the title page of this volume — Ed.) How do you like it? May the Swan fill you with all these anyway.
I am to start on Thursday next, by the French steamer La Champagne. The books are in the hands of Waldo and Whitmarsh. They are nearly ready.
I am well, getting better — and all right till I see you next week.
Ever yours in the Lord,