Most people know that Swami Vivekananda founded the Ramakrishna Mission which today has grown into a large spiritual-social mission quietly working in all parts of the world for the betterment of humanity and amelioration of suffering. Very few know of another extraordinary organization that was founded on the suggestion of Swami Vivekananda.

It was early 1894 and Swamiji was traveling around the United States giving lectures. He had become very popular after his famous speech at the Parliament of Religions. It was around the same time another American had amassed a lot of riches from the oil business. This was John D. Rockefeller and he was known for his ruthlessness and single-minded pursuit for making money. In fact, he was known to be obsessed with his wealth and making profits that it had begun to tell on his health. It was around then that he learnt of the wonderful and extraordinary Hindu monk staying in the house of one of his business colleagues in Chicago. Rockefeller was invited many times by this friend but he refused the invitation. One day, although he did not want to meet the Swamiji, he was pushed to do so by an impulse and went directly to the house of his friend, brushing aside the butler saying that he wanted to meet the Hindu monk. The butler ushered him into the living room and not waiting to be announced, Rockefeller entered Swamiji’s adjoining study room and was much surprised to see Swamiji behind the writing table, not even lifting his eyes to see who has entered.

After a while, in a quiet voice Swamiji, who had not seen Rockefeller even once, talked to him of his (Rockefeller’s) innermost secrets and anxieties. He talked of things which even his closest friends and relatives would not have known. It seemed miraculous, almost supernatural to Rockefeller. “How do you know all this? Who has talked of this to you?” he burst out. Swamiji looked at him with a quiet, calm smile on his lips as if a child standing before him had asked a foolish question. Swamiji said, “Forget the past. Become gay again. Build up your health. Do not dwell on your sorrows. Transmute your emotions into some form of creative external expression. Your spiritual health requires it. You are only a channel for God’s money that you have accumulated and it is your duty to do good to the world. God has given you all His wealth in order that you may get an opportunity to serve Him and His starving millions of children”.

On hearing this, Rockefeller was annoyed that anyone dared to talk to him in that manner. He left the room in irritation, not even saying goodbye. But after a week, again without being announced, he entered Swamiji’s study and finding him the same as before, threw on his desk a paper which told of his plans to donate an enormous sum of money towards financing a public institution. “Well, there you are Swami” Rockefeller said, “You must be satisfied now and you can thank me for it”. Swamiji did not even lift his eyes, did not move for a time. Then taking the paper he quietly read it and said, “It is for you to thank me”. That was all!

That was Rockefeller’s first large donation to public welfare and that was how the activities of The Rockefeller Foundation started.

Kannada version in Prajavani (16-Feb-12)