7th July, 1895.

DEAR FRIEND, (Mr. F. Leggett)

I see you are enjoying New York very much, so excuse my breaking into your reverie with a letter.

I had two beautiful letters from Miss MacLeod and Mrs. Sturges. Also they sent over two pretty birch bark books. I have filled them with Sanskrit texts and translations, and they go by today’s post.

Mrs. Dora1 is giving, I hear, some startling performances in the Mahatma line.

Since leaving Percy2 I have invitations to come over to London from unexpected quarters, and that I look forward to with great expectations.

I do not want to lose this opportunity of working in London. And so your invitation, coupled with the London one, is, I know, a divine call for further work.

I shall be here all this month and only have to go to Chicago for a few days sometime in August.

Don’t fret, Father Leggett, this is the best time for expectation — when sure in love.

Lord bless you ever and ever, and may all happiness be yours for ever, as you richly deserve it.

Ever yours in love and affection,


  1. ^Mrs. Dora Rosthlesberger, an occultist who had introduced Miss MacLeod and Mrs. Sturges to Swami Vivekananda.
  2. ^Mr. Leggett’s camp in New Hampshire. From here Swami Vivekananda went to Thousand Island Park.